Riva Center Plovdiv

Used power: 585 kW

  • Outdoor units VRF CITY MULTI - 8 units
  • Outdoor units HRV LOSSNAY series - 7 units
  • Mr. Slim outdoor units - 46 units
  • Indoor units - 98 units


Riva Center, located along the north bank of the Maritsa River forms the northwestern corner of "Porto Lagos" street "Zlatna Panega." The modern seven-storey building includes a shopping area, 17 class A offices and 18 apartments. The total floor area is 4,522.25 square meters. To all levels and areas of the building an easy access is provided for people with mobility difficulties. From the third to the seventh floor the building is divided into two sections with separate entrances - north is the business center and in the south - the residential part.

For air conditioning of the building are used 8 outdoor units from the VRF CITY MULTI series, 7 outdoor units from the HRV LOSSNAY series, 46 Mr. Slim outdoor units and 98 indoor units. The total cooling capacity is 585kW.