Hotel “Ralitsa Superior” Albena

Used power: 610 kW

  • Outdoor units VRF CITY MULTY - 16 units
  • Outdoor units MR.SLIM - 22 units
  • Ventilation systems HRV-LOSSNAY - 20 units
  • Indoor units - 222 units


"Ralitsa Superior" is located about 800 m from the beach, in a quiet location, and meets all the standards of a family club. The hotel consists of two buildings - one 6, the other 5 floors. The building was completely renovated in 2003 The hotel has air-conditioned animation hall with 400 seats arranged in tiers, pools and spa.

For the air conditioning of the building were installed 16 outdoor units VRF CITY MULTY, 22 outdoor units MR.SLIM, 20 ventilation systems HRV - LOSSNAY and 222 indoor units. The area of the building is 1800m2, and the total cooling capacity - 610 kW.