DSK Bank Headquarters

Used power: 340 kW

  • Оutdoor City Multi units - 11 units
  • Mr. Slim outdoor agregates - 2 units
  • Indoor units - 109 units
  • Lossnay ventilation system


The building on Moskovska 19 Str. is planned in 1914 by George Fingov - a well known Bulgarian architect, designer of numerous public buildings. With its ornate facade, the building is one of the highlights of the architectural center of Sofia. It has the statute of a piece of architectural national heritage.

The interior and exterior of this historical building have been altered through a century of exploitation - nevertheless it has been a priority for ClimaCom Ltd. to maintain the architectural identity of the project. The air-coditioning is handled by 11 outdoor City Multi units and 2 Mr. Slim outdoor agregates, along with 109 indoor units. The outstanding Lossnay system has been provided for the ventilation needs of the space. The installed capacity is of 340 kW.