New model SFZ-M floor unit for concealed installation

The concealed floor standing type indoor unit is newly introduced to the S-series from Mitsubishi Electric. High energy efficiency is achieved across all capacity range. Airflow rate, and air intake direction can be selected according to the customer’s choice.

The SFZ series has a compact concealed body, providing effective air conditioning in apartments, offices, restaurants and commercial establishments. With a depth of only 200mm you can easy install the unit at floor level. It offers simple method of ensuring highly efficient air conditioning operation.

A wide lineup offering high energy efficiency

The SFZ series achieves an A++ rating on the SEER index, and an A+ rating on the SCOP index for all capacity range. No matter which capacity you select, the series offers a high level of energy efficiency.

Compact body

Thanks to the fact that the body is built-in, it is small and compact in size. This allows the device not to occupy a large area during installation.

* height without legs

Flexible installation

Air inlet direction from the bottom or front can be selected by changing panel, fan guard and filter.

*1 Select a site where the flow of supply air is not blocked. The unit cannot be placed directly on the floor in the case of bottom suction.

*2 Unit with front suction generate more noise compared to bottom suction. Not recommended to be installed in rooms such as bedrooms where quietness is valued.

Fan speed

Airflow rate can be selected from 3 patterns; Low-Medium-High.

Key Features & Benefits:

• SCOP up to 4.2/SEER up to 6.1

• Energy efficiency class up to A+/A++

• Sound pressure level (IG) from 25 dB(A)

• Refrigerant filling quantity (standard single split) 0.65 - max. 2.37 kg

• External static pressure up to 0-60 Pa

• Installation depth 200 mm

• Various installation options: With air intake from the front or from below

• Available as a version with cable or infrared remote control

• MELCloud WiFi adapter (optional)