Mitsubishi Electric unveils its latest PXZ outdoor units

  • What distinguishes PXZ and where do they find application?

The hybrid multisplit air-to-air and air-to-water PXZ series is the new addition to Mitsubishi Electric's product line.

Thanks to this innovation, end users will now be able to cool and heat their home with only one outdoor unit, while also relying on domestic hot water supply and hot water heating!

The PXZ outdoor unit is available in two sizes: model PXZ-4F75VG with a power of 7.50 kW, which allows you to connect a maximum of 4 indoor units (1 air-to-water unit + 3 air-to-air indoor units) and model PXZ-5F85VG with 8.50 kW, which allows you to add a maximum of 5 indoor units (1 air-to-water unit + 4 indoor air-to-air units).

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  • Part of the system's main features.

The compact design of the PXZ outdoor unit makes it possible to install it in tight spaces, and Quiet mode ensures quiet operation while cooling or heating your home.

PXZ guarantees a maximum water outlet temperature of 55°C to -1°C outdoor temperature.

Indoor units can be in all possible variations: wall, floor, duct, ceiling. Ecodan Multi PXZ series heat pumps are unique in their easy installation, as all indoor units that can be selected from a wide range can be connected directly to the outdoor unit, thus reducing the time it takes to build a system.

  • Easier control than ever before!

The entire system can be operated both locally and remotely via the MelCloud platform - the user can adjust the temperature in each room, control domestic hot water and monitor power consumption via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, you can use your voice to program and control your air conditioning system.

Energy efficiency in cooling class A+++, heating class A++ and domestic hot water production in class A+.

This system with high energy efficiency will save you money and space, making it the perfect solution for every home and season! It will meet all your needs, providing you with complete comfort throughout the year!

Source: Mitsubishi Electric