Mitsubishi Electric’s building in Ratingen certified by LEED

Conservation of resources and energy efficiency determine the future

Sustainable architecture: energy and economic efficiency combined with comfort Societies are constantly changing – and hence the requirements on industries, governments, and the habitat in general. Rising demands, for example regarding comfort, quality of life, and consumption, are often at the expense of the environment. The trend has been apparent for some years: more and more people are living and working in cities, there is a shortage of residential and commercial buildings, which are becoming more expensive. Hence, new buildings are often not as high-quality and are not conserving resources as they should. Healthy and near-natural living and working conditions are important to humans’ well-being. This also means that a correspondingly sparing use of resources regarding heating, cooling, lighting and water use should be taken into account. 

There are different ways to design a building in an energy efficient way

Hotels, stores, and office buildings should offer a high comfort, but fulfil the most current sustainability policies and should also be economically viable. To make buildings more energy efficient and thus greener, the technologies developed for heating and air conditioning can play an important role. This can, for example, include systems for simultaneously heating and cooling buildings. These are very efficient solutions, which heat or cool a building based on renewable energies. Regarding the cooling, the existing heat energy will actually be used twice: for heating the building or for the hot water production. 

The goal of these solutions is to keep overall energy use and hence the operating costs of a building as low as possible. Mitsubishi Electric is living these resolutions itself: the new headquarter in Ratingen is LEED certified by integrating various equipment and technologies as a comprehensive electric manufacturer, at the highest level at that, it has achieved the platinum certification. It thus impressively underlines how energy efficient and sustainable its technologies are. These are actually used throughout the building – from the lifts to the heating and air conditioning technology. This is Mitsubishi Electric’s aspiration, for itself as well as for its customers.