Mitsubishi Electric Issues Environmental Report 2018

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced the Mitsubishi Electric Group's environmental report documenting the results and achievements of environmental initiatives conducted in the fiscal year that ended in March 2018. 

The report reviews the operations of Mitsubishi Electric and its 107 Japanese affiliates and 84 overseas affiliates, focusing on efforts undertaken to meet targets and implement policies set under the Mitsubishi Electric Group's three-year environmental plan. Launched in April 2015 as the company's eighth three-year blueprint for environmental action, the plan emphasizes four areas of activity: 
1) contributing to the realization of low-carbon societies, 
2) contributing to the creation of recycling-based societies, 
3) ensuring harmony with nature, and 
4) strengthening the Group's framework for environmental management. 

Mitsubishi Electric continues to press forward with environmental efforts, taking into account global factors such as achieving targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The company is determined to become a "global, leading green company" that contributes to the environment through products and services, and reducing environmental load from production. 

Key Initiatives and Results: 
1) Greenhouse gas reduction from products and production
2) Reducing resource input
3) Preservation of biodiversity
4) Environmental management