High temperature CO2 heat pump

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of a new commercial heating system running on CO2 (R744) to deliver hot water up to 90°C and help businesses increase the efficiency of hot water production whilst significantly reducing their carbon footprint. 

The 40kW Ecodan QAHV high temperature air source heat pump is specifically designed for commercial sanitary hot water applications in hotels, leisure centres, hospitals, care homes, restaurants, schools and universities.

“This new unit is the perfect choice for organisations looking to meet their carbon reduction plan, and offers a low carbon solution that utilises the natural and stable refrigerant CO2” comments James Chaplen, the Senior Product Manager responsible for the QAHV.

The QAHV is designed to deliver high efficiency at high flow temperatures and uses a unique and patented twisted and spiral gas cooler to enhance energy efficiency. It delivers significant improvements over current high temperature heat pumps including superb low noise levels of only 56 dB(A).

Overall, the new unit is ideal for anyone with strong carbon reduction targets who needs sustainable, energy efficient hot water production.