NRG Centre Commercial Building

Used power: 460kW

  • Outdoor units City Multi - 14 units
  • External units Mr.Slim - 3 units
  • Indoor units - 99 units


"NRG Centre" is 8-floor business building, situated at G.S.Rakovski Str. in the city center. The business center is in the historical part of the city, next to the National Opera, Temple - Memorial "Alexander Nevsky" and the former Royal Palace. The project is on a walking distance from the commercial streets and two shopping centers. Two underground and 8 above ground floors with a total area of 4400 m2. 

14 outdoor units from the industrial City Multi series, 3 external units from the commercial class Mr.Slim and 99 indoor units are used for the air conditioning of the building. The overall installed cooling capacity is 460kW.