Hotel “Laguna Beach” Albena

Used power: 67 kW

  • Outdoor unit VRF - City Multi - 1 units
  • Mr.Slim - 8 units
  • Indoor units from the M Series - 150 units


Laguna Beach hotel is located on the beach, amidst beautifully landscaped gardens in the center of Albena. The seven-storey building of "Laguna Beach" has a terraced architecture and most of the rooms have sea views. There are specially equipped rooms for disabled and 2 lifts. The hotel has an air-conditioned restaurant and lounge, indoor and outdoor pool.

For the hotel's air conditioning are used: 1 outdoor unit VRF - City Multi, 8 Mr.Slim units and 150 indoor units from the M Series. The total cooling capacity is 67 kW.