Hotel “Mura” – Restaurant and kitchen Albena

Used power: 400 kW

  • Units of the M series - 86 units
  • Units of the commercial grade Mr. Slim - 12 units
  • Indoor units - 315 units
  • Recuperative blocks Lossnay - 2 units


Mura Hotel is located near the beach in Albena, near Balata Reserve. The hotel provides all-inclusive service with buffet, snacks and local drinks. The restaurant organizes theme evenings with traditional Bulgarian and Mediterranean cuisine. It is air-conditioned and has a non-smoking area.

For air conditioning are used 86 units of the M series, 12 units of the commercial grade Mr. Slim, 315 indoor units and 2 recuperative blocks Lossnay. The total cooling capacity is 400 kW.