Hotel “Dobrotica” Albena

Used power: 220 kW

  • Outdoor units Mr. Slim - 13 units
  • Recuperative units Lossnay - 12 units
  • Ventilation units Dantherm - 2 units
  • Units from the M series - 15 units
  • Indoor units - 26 units


40 km from Varna, "Dobrotitca" hotel is located directly on the beach, surrounded by greenery and landscape vegetation. It consists of three four-storey buildings. It has 138 twin and double rooms with connecting door, 5 single rooms and 5 suites. The guests can use a conference room, pool, restaurant.

For the air conditioning the hotel are provided 13 outdoor units of the commercial grade Mr. Slim, 12 recuperative units Lossnay, 2 ventilation units Dantherm, 15 units from the M series and 26 indoor units. The total cooling capacity is 220kW.