Flamingo Hotel, Albena

Used power: 1148 kW

  • Outdoor units City Multi - 18 units
  • Outdoor units Mr. Slim - 30 units
  • Recuperative units Lossnay - 22 units
  • Indoor units - 216 units


Flamingo Hotel Complex is situated in the central part of Albena, 150 meters from the beach. The hotel has 9 floors and a total of 446 rooms.The hotel has 7 elevators, one of which provides direct access to the rooms from Flamingo Grand to the convention center of the hotel. 

For the air conditioning of the hotel are used 18 outdoor units from the industrial City Multi range of Mitsubishi Electric, 30 outdoor units from the commercial series Mr. Slim and 22 recuperative units Lossnay. The number of the installed indoor units is 216 and the total cooling capacity is 1148kW.