Building Diamond, Sofia

  • Lossnay LGH-35 RVX-E - 13 units
  • PUMY-P
  • MXZ
  • MSZ-LN
  • MSZ-EF


The most luxurious residential building in Sofia - Diamond.

Prestigious and impressive. Refined and airy with its all-pervading light. To fit in and stand out - at the same time. This is the Diamond Building. Everything is visible - it reflects the sky, the clouds, the rays of sunsets and sunrises.

Diamond - is an innovative aesthetic that revives the senses, charged with energy and determination, which means that the building is just in the right place: in a modern capital.

The building has 13 units Lossnay LGH-35RVX-E and installed units from the series: PUMY-P, MXZ, MSZ-LN, MSZ-EF.