Zubadan technology – Heating at -25°C

Zubadan is Mitsubishi Electric’s unique technology for heating at extremely low temperatures of -25°C.

Zuba is an abbreviation of the form “zubbato”, which in Japanese means precise or timely, and Dan means heat. The name itself suggests that with its extensive heating capabilities, Zubadan is setting new standards for thermal efficiency.

Zubadan technology offers you shorter room warming times (within just 20 minutes at -25°C and 10 minutes at 10°C). Full heat output is achieved even when the outside temperature is -15°C. Compared to conventional models, the heat output is increased by 40% up to 20 min. after initial switch-on. So you get the comfort you need immediately!

In cooling mode, Zubadan technology maintains the precisely set room temperature without change. Changing the temperature by even 1°C increases energy consumption by 2%. Zubadan offers a constant temperature , so you save money and save the environment at the same time.

For more information, take a look at the products available on our website – http://climacom.com/bg/produkti/zubadan