The Mitsubishi Electric air to water heating units (PWFY-P100/200VM-E-AU) can achieve flow temperatures of 45 °C in heating and 5 °C in cooling, making them perfect for application on underfloor heating/cooling systems.
The unique booster unit (PWFY-P100VM-E-BU) can achieve a flow temperature of 70?C and is an ideal solution for providing a hot water supply to commercial buildings in an energy efficient manner. This is possible using the first ever VRF cascade refrigeration system between R410A and R134a refrigerant.


  • Техническа информация *

    Охлаждаща мощност [kW]15.5
    Отоплителна мощност [kW]14.0
    Консумирана мощност при охл. [kW]0.015
    Консумирана мощност при отопл. [kW]0.015
    Входящ ток (A)0.065
    Шумови нива [dB(A)]29
    Размери [mm] 800 - 450 - 300
    Тегло [kg]42
    Захранване230V / 50Hz


  • Техническа информация *

    Охлаждаща мощност [kW]12.5
    Консумирана мощност при отопл. [kW]2.48
    Water temperature [°C]70
    Dimensions [mm]785 (800) - 450 - 300
    Тегло [kg]60
    Шумови нива [dB(A)]44
    Дебит [m3/min]0.6 - 2.15
    Захранване220 V / 50Hz

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