Remote Monitoring Interface

  • The RMI system allows you to remotely control your air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water system remotely from a smartphone, tablet or computer.The RMI project is the result of Mitsubishi Electric’s forward thinking idea to offer its customers the ability to control their installations from handheld devices, adding a significant new advantage offered by these systems.

    The system can be used to monitor the operation of your appliances, program functions, check consumption and view operating states to optimize system performance.

    Operate the air conditioner, adjust temperature and airflow settings, view and manage hot and cold water status, and check for system failures.

    Set weekly programs and special events and view and analyze your system’s operating parameters remotely from a mobile device with a graphical interface that lets you change settings instantly when needed.

    RMI is also the ideal solution for centralized management and supervision of multiple installations in different locations.