Jet Towel Mini Series has a fraction of the impact on the environment that paper towels have. Paper towels represent significant resources due to the requirements of production of paper towels, transportation to rest rooms, continuous use of plastic liner bags, etc., making them the least environmentally friendly way to dry hands. Jet Towel, however, keeps the trees where they belong: in the forest.

The Jet Towel is completely touch-free, and all water is hygienically collected in our innovative drain tank. Antimicrobial additives are embedded within all plastics that come into contact with water, to keep them safe and clean.

This high-precision motor is completely developed and manufactured entirely by Mitsubishi Electric. In-house testing results show a motor life of over seven years of use (400 uses per day).



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    Drying time [sec]8 - 14
    Airflow speed [m/sec]140 - 150
    Dimensions [mm] 480 - 250 - 170
    Water tank [L] 0.6
    Noise levels [dB(A)] 58 - 61
    Power supply 220-240V/50-60Hz
    Power consumption [kW] 475 - 825
    Price (with VAT without installation)1 268.20 BGN

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