Mitsubishi Electric launches new Ecodan CAHV-R commercial air source heat pump

Mitsubishi Electric are pleased to introduce the new Ecodan CAHV-R air source heat pump. Utilising low GWP R454C refrigerant, it offers a robust, low carbon system for the provision of sanitary hot water and space heating. This innovative heat pump solution can operate as a single system or form part of a multiple unit system, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, including schools and hospitals.

A multiple unit Ecodan CAHV-R system has the ability to cascade available units on and off to meet the load requirements of a building. As an example of this unique modulation, a 16 unit system allows 0.5kW increments of capacity, from 7.8kW all the way up to 640kW*. With cascade and rotation built in as standard, the Ecodan CAHV-R is perfectly set up to reliably generate sustainable space heating and hot water all year round.

* At nominal conditions A7W35

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Low GWP R454C refrigerant and reduced embodied carbon helps achieve CSR targets
  • Achieves 70°C outlet temperature down to -2°C ambient temperature for continuous heating provision
  • Multiple unit cascade control from 7.8kW to 640kW capacity provides design flexibility for a wide range of commercial applications
  • Water flow temperatures from 24°C to 70°C without boost heaters, results in cost and energy savings
  • Advanced heat exchange design combined with the properties of R454C refrigerant enables a shorter defrost time
  • Low frequency compressor control improves energy efficiency and product operation
  • Ability to rotate units based on accumulated run hours offers extended product life
  • Hermetically sealed monobloc design, requiring only water and electrical connections, for ease of installation and low maintenance