Jaguar Land Rover selects e-Series Chillers for its energy efficient cooling system

A new Mitsubishi Electric e-series chiller system has been chosen for Jaguar Land Rover’s principal design facility in Worcestershire. The new system was brought in as part of a major refurbishment with the overriding aim of improving on the energy efficiency of the old system. 

Chiller systems have been used to deliver controlled cooling to buildings for decades, but with an increasing focus on energy efficiency and running costs, Mitsubishi Electric developed its e-series modular chiller to provide a low-carbon, cost-effective option. Its unique modular approach allows up to six individual units to be connected, providing a system capacity from 90kW to 540kW. This approach reduces space requirements and simplifies lifting and installation. 

From Jaguar Land Rover explained that the Mitsubishi Electric system was the clear frontrunner for a number of reasons: “We looked at a number of chillers, but the Mitsubishi Electric system met all of our requirements.” 

The system comprises two inverter driven compressors that allow it to operate between 8%-100% of capacity. 

The new, fully operational system ultimately provides a more comfortable working environment for its 2,000 members of staff. By having a broad operating range, advanced inverters and sophisticated controls, the e-series can deliver exceptional performance.