Mitsubishi Electric MSZ - FT Ninja air conditioner

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ - FT Ninja air conditioner
  • Econo cool
    Econo cool

    Econo Cool is an intelligent temperature control feature that adjusts the amount of air directed towards the body based on the air-outlet temperature. The setting temperature can be raised by as much as 2°C without any loss in comfort, thereby realising a 20% gain in energy efficiency.

  • Auto restart
    Auto restart

    Especially useful at the time of power outages, the unit turns back on automatically when power is restored.

  • Low temp cooling
    Low temp cooling

    Intelligent fan speed control in the outdoor unit ensures optimum performance even when the outside temperature is low.

  • On/Off Operation Timer
    On/Off Operation Timer

    Use the remote controller to set the times of turning the air conditioner On/Off.

  • Built-in Weekly Timer Function
    Built-in Weekly Timer Function

    Easily set desired temperatures and operation start/stop times to match lifestyle patterns. Reduce wasted energy consumption by using the timer to prevent forgetting to turn off the unit and eliminate temperature setting adjustments.

  • PAR-33MAA/PAC-YT52CRA Control
    PAR-33MAA/PAC-YT52CRA Control

    Units are compatible for use with the PAR-33MAA or PAC-YT52CRA remote controller, which has a variety of management functions.

  • M-NET Connection
    M-NET Connection

    Units can be connected to MELANS system controllers (M-NET controllers).

  • ACO

    The air conditioner automatically switches between heating and cooling modes to maintain the desired temperature.

  • Flare connection
    Flare connection

    Flare connection to cooling pipework is possible.

  • Self Diagnostics
    Self Diagnostics

    Check codes are displayed on the remote controller or the operation indicator to inform the user of malfunctions detected.

  • Horizontal Vane Swing
    Horizontal Vane Swing

    The air outlet fin swings from side to side so that the airflow is spread evenly throughout the room.

  • Failure recall
    Failure recall

    Operation failures are recorded, allowing confirmation when needed.

  • "i save" Mode

    "i save" is a simplified setting function that recalls the preferred (preset) temperature by pressing a single button on the remote controller. Press the same button twice in repetition to immediately return to the previous temperature setting. Using this function contributes to comfortable waste-free operation, realising the most suitable air conditioning settings and saving on power consumption when, for example, leaving the room or going to bed.

  • Auto Fan Speed Mode
    Auto Fan Speed Mode

    The airflow speed mode adjusts the fan speed of the indoor unit automatically according to the present room conditions.

  • Vertical Vane Swing
    Vertical Vane Swing

    The air outlet fin swings from side to side so that the airflow reaches every part of the room.

  • System Group Control
    System Group Control

    The same remote controller is capable of controlling the operational status of up to 16 refrigerant systems.

  • Operation Lock
    Operation Lock

    To accommodate specific use applications, cooling or heating operation can be specified when setting the control board of the outdoor unit.

  • WiFi Interface
    WiFi Interface

    Interface enabling users to control air conditioners and check operating status via devices such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Cleaning-free Pipe Reuse
    Cleaning-free Pipe Reuse

    It is possible to reuse the same piping. It allows cleaning-free renewal of air conditioning systems that use R22 or R410 refrigerant.

  • Air Purifying Filter
    Air Purifying Filter

    The filter has a large capture area and deodorizes the circulating air.

  • Night Mode
    Night Mode

    Night Mode is activated using the wireless remote controller, air conditioner operation will switch to the following settings: - The brightness of the operation indicator lamp will become dimmer. - The beeping sound will be disabled. - The outdoor operating noise will drop to 3dB lower than the rated operating noise specification.

  • 10°C Heating
    10°C Heating

    During heating operation, the temperature can be set in 1°C increments down to 10°C.

  • Circulator MODE
    Circulator MODE

    After reaching the target temperature, heating mode will automatically switch to Circulator mode which makes the unit go into “fan only” state and mixes warm air in the room.

  • Remote controller with Backlight
    Remote controller with Backlight

    The remote controller screen has a LED backlight, so you could check the settings even when it is dark in the room.

  • V Blocking Filter
    V Blocking Filter

    With antiviral effect inhibits 99% of adhered virus, and other harmful substances, such as bacteria, mold and allergen.

    Two-layered filter with non-woven fabric and electrostatic filter can effectively capture and remove small particles from the air in your room.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ - FT Ninja air conditioner

Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, the FT series do not lose heating capacity when it is cold outside. Original technologies ensure excellent heating performance under extremely low outdoor temperatures and an impressive guaranteed operating range.

Stylish and Compact Design

The FT series features its compact design with 280mm height and 229 mm depth, which is suitable for the installation above the door.


V Blocking filter

V blocking filter with antiviral effect inhibits 99% of adhered virus, and other harmful substances, such as bacteria, mold and allergen.  Two-layered filter with non-woven fabric and electrostatic filter can effectively capture and remove small particles from the air in your room.


Hyper Heating

Mitsubishi Electric’s powerful compressor and highly cold – resistant parts enable the heat pump to provide 100% or ore heating capacity even at -15°C and also the heating operation is guaranteed down to -25°C

Built-in WI-Fi

Mitsubishi electric Wi-Fi control gives you the freedom to tailor your heating and cooling needs through computers, tablets, or smartphones from anywhere

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Cooling capacity [kW] 0.8 - 2.5 - 3.5
Heating capacity [kW] 0.9 - 3.2 - 6.2
Total input in cooling [kW] 0.580
Total input in heating [kW] 0.760
SEER 8.6
SCOP 4.6
Energy Efficiency Class (cooling) A+++
Energy Efficiency Class (heating) A++
Dimensions indoor unit - H*W*L [mm] 280 - 838 - 229
Dimensions outdoor unit - H*W*L [mm] 550 - 800 - 285
Weight indoor/outdoor unit [kg] 10/34
SPL cooling [dB(A)] 19 - 27 - 36 - 41 - 46
SPL heating [dB(A)] 19 - 31 - 39 - 46 - 49
Air volume cooling [m3/min] 3.9 - 5.9 - 8.2 - 10.4 - 12.3
Air volume heating [m3/min] 3.9 - 6.3 - 9.0 - 12.0 - 13.2
Guaranteed operating range in cooling [Co] -10 ~ +46
Guaranteed operating range in heating [Co] -25 ~ +24
Price (with VAT without installation) 2 599.00 BGN