Indoor Unit MLZ-KP
  • Econo cool
    Econo cool

    Econo Cool is an intelligent temperature control feature that adjusts the amount of air directed towards the body based on the air-outlet temperature. The setting temperature can be raised by as much as 2°C without any loss in comfort, thereby realising a 20% gain in energy efficiency.

  • Auto restart
    Auto restart

    Especially useful at the time of power outages, the unit turns back on automatically when power is restored.

  • On/Off Operation Timer
    On/Off Operation Timer

    Use the remote controller to set the times of turning the air conditioner On/Off.

  • Built-in Weekly Timer Function
    Built-in Weekly Timer Function

    Easily set desired temperatures and operation start/stop times to match lifestyle patterns. Reduce wasted energy consumption by using the timer to prevent forgetting to turn off the unit and eliminate temperature setting adjustments.

  • PAR-33MAA/PAC-YT52CRA Control
    PAR-33MAA/PAC-YT52CRA Control

    Units are compatible for use with the PAR-33MAA or PAC-YT52CRA remote controller, which has a variety of management functions.

  • MXZ Connection
    MXZ Connection

    Connection to the MXZ multi-split outdoor unit is possible.

  • M-NET Connection
    M-NET Connection

    Units can be connected to MELANS system controllers (M-NET controllers).

  • ACO

    The air conditioner automatically switches between heating and cooling modes to maintain the desired temperature.

  • Flare connection
    Flare connection

    Flare connection to cooling pipework is possible.

  • Self Diagnostics
    Self Diagnostics

    Check codes are displayed on the remote controller or the operation indicator to inform the user of malfunctions detected.

  • Auto vane
    Auto vane

    The vane closes automatically when the air conditioner is not running, concealing the air outlet and creating a flat surface that is aesthetically appealing.

  • Horizontal Vane Swing
    Horizontal Vane Swing

    The air outlet fin swings from side to side so that the airflow is spread evenly throughout the room.

  • Failure recall
    Failure recall

    Operation failures are recorded, allowing confirmation when needed.

  • Auto Fan Speed Mode
    Auto Fan Speed Mode

    The airflow speed mode adjusts the fan speed of the indoor unit automatically according to the present room conditions.

  • Drain pump
    Drain pump

    A built-in drain pump enables drain piping to be raised.

  • System Group Control
    System Group Control

    The same remote controller is capable of controlling the operational status of up to 16 refrigerant systems.

  • WiFi Interface
    WiFi Interface

    Interface enabling users to control air conditioners and check operating status via devices such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • High Ceiling Mode
    High Ceiling Mode

    In the case of rooms with high ceilings, the outlet-air volume can be increased to ensure that air is circulated all the way to the floor.

  • Silver-ionized Air Purifier Filter
    Silver-ionized Air Purifier Filter

    Captures the bacteria, pollen and other allergens in the air and neutralizes them.

  • Air Purifying Filter
    Air Purifying Filter

    The filter has a large capture area and deodorizes the circulating air.

  • Night Mode
    Night Mode

    Night Mode is activated using the wireless remote controller, air conditioner operation will switch to the following settings: - The brightness of the operation indicator lamp will become dimmer. - The beeping sound will be disabled. - The outdoor operating noise will drop to 3dB lower than the rated operating noise specification.

  • 10°C Heating
    10°C Heating

    During heating operation, the temperature can be set in 1°C increments down to 10°C.

  • R32 Refrigerant
    R32 Refrigerant
  • CE

Indoor Unit MLZ-KP

Introducing a new type of ceiling cassette for the Multi-Split Series with streamed interior dimensions and a sharp, sleek appearance. The cassettes are ceiling mounted and their installation is extremely easy.

The MLZ units also have the Auto Vane Control function, which allows control over the outlet vanes with the remote controller.

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Cooling capacity [kW] 1.4 - 2.5 - 3.2
Heating capacity [kW] 1.4 - 3.2 - 4.2
Total input in cooling [kW] 0.040
Total input in heating [kW] 0.040
EEL rank -
Dimensions [mm] 185 - 1102 - 360
Weight [kg] 15.5
SPL cooling [dB(A)] 27 - 31 - 34 - 38
SPL heating [dB(A)] 26 - 27 - 34 - 37
Air volume cooling 6.0 - 7.2 - 8.0 - 8.8
Air volume heating 6.0 - 7.0 - 8.2 - 9.2
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Price (with VAT without installation) 1 734.07 BGN