The air purifier MA-E85R-E is ideal for use in private households.

Smart search function

  • The smart search function detects the contaminated area.
  • The movable fins steer the air flow in five directions, thereby ensuring effective cleaning of every contaminated area.

High CADR of 508 m3/h (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

  • Ensures speedy cleaning of air.
  • 5-direction air flow cleans every corner.

Front panel made from high-grade steel

  • Handy control panel design.

Auto-cleaning for pre-filter

  • Automatic cleaning removes dust that could cause clogging.

New PM2.5 sensor

  • PM2.5 detection system with high-performance dust sensor.

The best filtration.

  • Self-cleaning pre-filter with dust collection system.
  • HEPA filter for high efficiency.
  • Washable activated carbon filter.
  • Platinum catalytic filter.
Made in Japan
Air volume [m3/min] 8.5
CARD - Volume per hour [m3/h] 508
Maximum surface [m2] 35-60
Sound level [dB(A)] 22-55
Weight [kg] 9.9
Dimensions - H*W*D [mm] 547-425-244
Pre-filter Self-cleaning
Principal HEPA filter [m2] HEPA [3.38]
Activated carbon filter 500g Active Carbon
Platinum Catalytic Yes
Vane Yes, horizontal + Smart Search
Dirt indicator Odors, dust, particulate matter [PM2.5]
Colour White
Front panel Steel
Price (with VAT) 1 459.00 BGN